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Gharana brings you majestic blending of flavours of various spices and herbs, created by the 200-year-old Qureshi family, and passed down from one generation to another.

GharanaIndian food is nothing less than a cultural phenomenon and will give your event a regal touch. Our fascinating menu draws from the greatest cooking traditions of North, South, East and West India and features the finest desi delicacies.

The magnificently diverse historic states of Lucknow, Punjab, Hyderabad and Jaipur are known for their cuisines. Having been the cultural capitals during the country’s most glorious eras, each region prides itself with its own distinct style of cooking. The legendary Maharajas, Shahenshas, Nawabs and Sultans contributed immensely to the development of cuisines in their respective regions and at Gharana we offer you their most fabulous creations.

Gharana Signature dishes

Murgh Ghazala (Hyderabad – clay oven delicacy),  Nihari Al Subha (Lucknow – slow simmered fennel and ginger flavoured lamb shanks)  Dal Gharana (Punjab – slow cooked overnight Dal Makhni) and Litchi Rabdi  (Jaipur – saffron flavours of reduced milk contrasted with fresh lychees) are the signature dishes that will enrich any feast.

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