5 Most Creative Winter Wedding Ideas
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5 Most Creative Winter Wedding Ideas

21 December 2016

There are many good reasons to get married in winters however, where you exactly feel break down is, in making arrangements. Yup! You’re shivering of cold and surrounded with tons of guests. There are so many things to do for a winter wedding. But now when you have decided to tie a knot this winter season, here are some good to go ideas to cheer you up.

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What they are? Let’s find out…

Food is always first- menu ideas

Food Menu

Before you start approaching the professional catering company to serve the best food for your guests please consider the winter season in mind. Make sure that you serve your dearest guests with something warm and colorful dishes such as casseroles, stews and soups with the beverages including wine, egg nog, spicy cider etc with the broad selection of flavorful coffees.

And while selecting the wedding cake, opt a rich, decadent chocolate filled cake with strawberry, raspberry or the cherry sauce amazingly garnished with snowflakes crafted from marzipan.

Now come to attire ideas

Now when you are going to participate into the most important day of your life, you can’t let it go dull like an ordinary event. You have to look special at any cost and for that, what else you require is the best-of-best attire. For menz it’s little bit easy but for the bride, winter season can make a world of difference in terms of attire. She has to figure out and choose between the strapless gown vs. the one which covers more of her body areas for warmth. However, they can still have a strapless or sleeveless gown but they will have to incorporate a faux fur stole or a soft luxurious cape to get the stunning look.

Décor and Theme Ideas

For some brides, their wedding should be good as their overall theme. The theme should clearly reflect in virtually to almost everything in the weddings from flowers to colors, invitation to music etc. If you are going to have a winter wedding, it must incorporate the holiday accents in keeping with the Christmas season such as, angels, poinsettias, stockings and the related colors with red and green.

Invitation Ideas

Invitation for Winter wedding

Source: https://goo.gl/byQFG8

When you are creative, your creativity must reflect to all your deeds. Yes, that includes your invitations too. Since winter weddings are usually held indoors, they should often call for more formal invitations.
In order to create a hot theme based wedding, you can convey a black-tie event adequately conveyed by a heavy cardstock and a dazzling navy blue, chocolate brown or even the eggplant font with hand calligraphy. Use thick, snowy Plexiglas invitations in white-scripted ink. And send it to your guests enrolled into the silver envelope liners.

The Music


We have long been seeing the classical pianist playing throughout the dinner time which undoubtedly is a great way to create a graceful ambience but you can bring on some more startling accompaniment.

So what you can do now? Hire a good capella quarter for your reception who could sing the background music throughout the event. Also, have a group of singers to sing your favorite jazz and pop songs to create a welcoming atmosphere and festive tone for the colorful evening.

Hope these winter wedding ideas will help you to create the buzz during your marriage…

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