Winter Theme Party Ideas for This Festive Season
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Winter Theme Party Ideas for This Festive Season

9 January 2018

The chilling winter season is right here, we’re all geared up with some dazzling party ideas which will not stop you from throwing or planning a winter party. Enjoy this winter festive season with these great ideas for parties. Thus, we have summed up some wonderful ideas for to make your parties super amazing plus fun-filled.

Be it your birthday, wedding or other crucial occasions, hire party catering company are surely gonna make your day memorable. Let’s just drum up a batch of polar bear hot chocolate. Embellish it with the DIY snowball festoon or make snow globe balloons on your own. It will be amazingly cool to see the paper icicles hanging from the ceiling.

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Follow a SKI Chalet Theme

It’s a stylish, wintery and cozy theme which integrates an elegant, organic pieces and bucolic refined stilted brogues. Fireplaces should also be there is your venue which is the one which will be required most to feature it significantly.
What should be the menu?

Depending on the number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests, you can go ahead with the one they like a most. You can also try out some sweet desserts. If you are not good at cooking, you can hire professional Dubai catering company for the same. This will ease your party arrangements.


In drinks you can consider draught beers or red wine; however, taking suggestions will also be a good idea.


In decorations, winter wreaths, snowy branches, adorn and pine trees would be a better idea or include other ski resort décor.

Winter party decorations ideas mentioned above are ideal for kids birthday parties in December, January and February. Other theme ideas include penguins, polar bears, snowmen, snowflakes and more.

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White Winter Wonderland- Add on a WWW Effect

White, above all, especially for the wintery theme party ideas is always a hit formula. Some decoration ideas which you can follow to add on in this theme comprise white sweets, white décor, white flowers, white cake and white place setting will make this more elegant.

What should be the Menu?

• Shrimp, Crab/Lobster with Veggies and white fish
• Drinks: White Wine
• Décor: Everything white

Ice and Fire Theme

Though fire and ice are the conflicting elements but it’s always a stifling winter party theme that integrates the best dazzling light and reds, icy blues.

In the Menu: The menu will be matching the theme with the cold seafood appetizers, and hot hors d’ oeuvres like fire and ice appetizer.

Menu: A urbane surf-and-turf menu with cold seafood appetizers and hot hors d’oeuvres, such as this fire and ice appetizer.

Drinks: There would be two speciality cocktails like drinks with the fireball whiskey or blue Curacao.

Décor: the single even space will be divided in to 2 different distinct areas where one will be featuring the scorching reds and other would be the glacial blues.

Cozy Romantic Theme

It’s always hit for the occasions such as birthdays of your loved ones girlfriend/boyfriend. The cozy romantic is a warm and welcoming theme which wishes guests to snuggle up on a couch with a mug of hot cocoa. Adding warm colors against the wooden decor are very inviting and so cozy at the same time.

In the menu, there could be stews, chowders, and soups.

In the drinks there are various cocktails and winter lagers. Hot toddies and mulled wine would also be a good idea.

Decorations can have deep reds, purples, browns with the beautiful candles and votives throughout the event space.

Décor: Deep reds, browns and purples with candles and votives throughout the entire event space.

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