Witty Tips To Host A Lip-Smacking Wine Tasting Party
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Witty Tips To Host A Lip-Smacking Wine Tasting Party

28 April 2017

‘Wine’ is a common friend of all and there is a minority of people in any society which shun to this soul-stirring element. Yup, we are still talking about Wine. As I am the huge fan of Wine, I will never-ever suggest you anything which should go against this beauty.

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So, being a true wine lover, here I am going to suggest you with some wonderful ideas to host a lip-smacking wine tasting party like a pro. Believe, it’s very simple, in fact, the simpler you always think about.

Choose the Wines


First thing first, as you are going to host a wine tasting party, you need to choose the different types of wine that you want to add to your party. You can mix reds and whites and serve them in order from lightest to darkest since dark wines are considered to be a bit heavier.

If you have six guests to host, get two bottles for each, one for the testing purpose and another for drinks afterward. You can also get local suggestion from your neighborhood wine shop or take hints from the popular sites (see this post as well). For the testing purpose, use Bordeaux glass and don’t rise the glasses between servings since even a single drop or two of water can poorly dilute the wine (it’s taste too).

Design Creatively Witty invitation coasters

You know it’s just another ordinary gathering. Before you undervalue the importance of invitation charts, think twice and then apply your creative horses to come up with a unique invitation coaster idea. You can make smart, creative and witty invitation-coasters by using the map of your featured wine region.

Or just download and print out a map from National Geographic’s MapMachine by visiting its official website. Trim it a little bit and then use a spray adhesive to glue it to the piece of four-inch square card stock.

Pay equal importance to snacks too


Wine alone cannot do every wonder. It’s it must be teamed up with some great and delicious snacks, but make sure that it’s going well with the taste and the type of wine you have selected for your wine tasting party.

You can also talk to your wine party catering service provider in Dubai or in your local area. But besides that, some of the basic snacks you can add to your party include- Potatoes and Pesto, Breadsticks, Dried Fruit, Charcuterie platter, Mixed Olives, Quick and Easy to cook pate, Pistachios etc…

Music. Music. Music…don’t let the music mourn


Wine creates ambience and music creates magic, so why just keep your party restricted to wines only when you have a tool to rock it like a Rockstar.

Everyone loves music, but here is a selection which actually matters as per the ambience. Of course, at your wine tasting party, you won’t be looking ahead for the touchy, emotional, feelings based song. Consider the age and personality trait of your friends and guests attending your party. A few suggestions include-

Into the Mystic,” Van Morrison, Rebel Rebel,” Seu Jorge, That’s How Strong My Love Is,” Otis Redding, Lovely Day,” Bill Withers, In the Waiting Line, Peel Me a Grape,” Diana Krall, High and Dry,” Jamie Cullum & In the Waiting Line to count a few…

Best of Luck! Have a great time…

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