How To Arrange a Brilliant Welcome Home Party?
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How To Arrange a Brilliant Welcome Home Party?

23 June 2017

So finally it’s a time to welcome home someone special whom you’ve been curiously waiting for. Now when someone is so special to you, don’t you think that the party should also be quite exciting and must shower something even more special? With reference to your requirement, we are here to share with you some wonderful ideas on how to throw a welcome home party?

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Ask yourself who are you going to welcome?


First of all, we want to ask you a simple question, please be accurate and determine every possible thing aspect of how the overall should be to treat in your welcome party? Is it your friends, husband, wife, who? Once you are done with the answer, you are done.

Please get the NOC before planning out anything

Make sure that your co-living partners, whether parents, friends or landlord (if living in a rented home) are ok with it. If you have kids at home, inform them as they might be too tired from the trip. Just cross check with them first and then you are ready to rock for sure.

Be creative while sending invitations

As it’s going to be a memorable moment ahead, you have to notify all your mutual friends of your intentions to throw a party for that person, pass invitations to all your close friends including best buddies that you know he/she will love to see them. Be a little bit creative with the invitations rather than passing on the simple one. The party date, place, venue etc should be clearly highlighted, but keep it as a surprise for your guest of honor.

Choosing Drinks

Drinks are going to be the important part of your overall party. If you are not good at choosing drinks or food, you can consider professional catering services in Dubai for your welcome home party. You can choose any of the exotic cocktails like margaritas, caipirinhas, caipiroskas, mojitos, etc.


As food is something, everyone will have an eye on. Choose the menu first to ensure what the guest of honour would like the best. And accordingly, as your Dubai catering service providers to prepare the same by checking the list of available snack foods, like sandwiches with tomato, mozzarella, oregano and sandwiches cut into the pot pies, triangles, salad, rice’s cheese etc..


It should be neither too loud nor too light. Choose a music to set the mood depending on the kind of mood you want for the party which could be relaxing, fun, romantic or anything different you want. You can also select the list of songs that remind you of your special guest or something that touches his/her heart.

Treat special guests specially

If you are going to expect any special guest in your party, whether a senior colleague, special buddy, or a special relative, treat them well separately with some special arrangements. It has to resonate their value of presence.

Also ensure that all guests are on the time at least before the guest of honour or the overall surprise will be fading out.

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