Top Considerations that Shape a Good Event Menu
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Top Considerations that Shape a Good Event Menu

27 December 2013

When planning the food and beverage for any event, there are several not-so-obvious factors that should be considered to ensure a successful occasion.  Careful thought to the tips below are essential when planning your menu.

Guest Profile

The guest’s profiles who will be attending the event are most important. Business people attend many functions throughout the year. The phrase rubber chicken circuit is common among business, political and fundraising circles. To make your event unique and prevent having this tag you should consider the following:

  • Professional background of your guests
  • Frequency of your guests attending similar events
  • Residential location of the guests
  • Ethnic background of guests

Corporate Events

Guest Preferences

The profile of guests will allow the event planner to frame the menu options. There are some general characteristics of typical preferences that will give you ideas when planning the menu:

  • Older people prefer a milder menu.
  • The health conscious  prefer seafood and vegetarian options
  • Younger guests prefer spicier meals

Consider what guests will enjoy the most depending on the type of event planned.

Choice of Menu

A good event planner must offer ample choices so that all guests will be pleased. A few guidelines:

  • Offer two or three choices of entrees
  • At least three salad options
  • Side condiments
  • Two desserts – one healthy and one indulging

Outdoor Catering Menu

Seasonal Items

In the menu, the season should play a vital role in shaping the choice of food and beverage. This makes it easy to decide items, they should complement the season such as spring or winter. Also consider the region or location of the event and the most popular food items there. Try to incorporate fresh seafood and regionally home grown produce.

Outdoor Catering Recipe

Time Bound Menu

At many events the caterer must work within the allotted time. So the clock must determine the menu for such events. The average metric is:

  • Box lunches in 30 minutes
  • Plated meals at least 1.5 hours
  • Buffets in one hour
  • Cocktail receptions with an extra hour before serving dinner

Working breakfasts or lunch menus must hold up for longer periods of time than others.

Outdoor Catering Equipment

Ethnic/Regional Menus

Planning events with an ethnic touch will be brilliant. The event planner and executive chef must work together to introduce region-specific as well as international foods into the event to please the guests.

Most popular ethnic catering includes the following:

  • Asian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern

Outdoor Catering Event

Final Presentation

The outdoor catering services have to ensure that before the guests eat the food, they must feel its quality with their sense of sight and smell. Any food, plated or a buffet should be colorful and aromatic. The food presentation should really make the guests crave for it. The furnishings and decor can build the right ambience. If the food does not look good and smell good, it will not appeal to the guests.

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