Tips to Provide Healthy Food in Outdoor Catering
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Tips to Provide Healthy Food in Outdoor Catering

27 January 2014

Unlike eating at home, dining out needs proper attention. A great party will not have junk food. The following are tips for healthy catering:

The Right Choice

Catering firms have a variety of food; this means that a party organizer has the option to select healthy food from the menu. Emphasis must be  natural food on the plate. The creativity of the caterer can make the food diverse or uniform in type so that guests rush to what they fancy and eat healthy.

Healthy Food In Outdoor Catering

Maintaining quality standards in outdoor catering is an important area that cannot be ignored. For a big event, you want delicious healthy food and need a healthy caterer. The qualities needed to look for in a caterer to ensure healthy, fresh ingredients are outlined here:

Local Ingredients

Catering companies use local as well as fresh ingredients. Partnership with local farmers can help purchasing fresh produce at reasonable prices. Local food will be high in nutrition as they are picked at the height of freshness before ripening on the shelves of a supermarket.

Organic Fare

Local organic fare optimizes health. These will have no hazard of pesticides that create issues such as chronic disease and inflammation. If a caterer is using organic products, they will definitely mention it online. Organic products can be added suitably by directing the chef to swap ingredients, even if it’s adding something extra to stay healthy!

Some caterers use low prices to dupe the customer and use cheap ingredients. Asking the caterer what kind of ingredients he will use is a safe way to proceed.

Allergy Free Menu

A host can demand an allergy free menu by excluding ingredients such as dairy, nuts or wheat by checking with the caterers. Even if they do not have such menus, they can tweak recipes and make the food friendly for all the guests.

healthy recipes for outdoors


Generally the mission statement of a caterer will highlight the type ingredients being used to make meals. Caterers can search for local and organic ingredients to create quality food. If a caterer is using frozen ingredients it can be factually verified. Sometimes frozen inputs fare better in terms of quality and nutrition compared to fresh foods depending on the season.

Serve Fresh

Serve fresh food and drinks rather than buying processed juice and sodas. Serve freshly squeezed fruit juice and help guests reducing their calorie intake. With food that is ready to serve insists that it’s fresh and not something cooked several hours before. This is important as stale food will cause upset stomachs for guests.

Vegetables and fruits

During parties, people love eating sweet dishes. So provide a wide range of sweet fruits as dessert. Vegetables should definitely be offered. Make sure roughage is available, both fruits and vegetables help to ensure your guests have enough roughage. Even though more people are choosing meaty foods rather than enjoying vegetarian diets, throwing a party where vegetarians have little options will be a big taboo.

Food Hygiene Requirements for Caterers at Outdoor Catering

These are all important points to consider when undertaking any outdoor catering event. A fine caterer will be sensitive to all these elements.

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