7 Tips to Organize a Perfect Holi Party
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7 Tips to Organize a Perfect Holi Party

17 March 2019

Holi is one of the most vivid and pulsating festivals of the year which is celebrated in the month of March with the full zeal and gusto. It’s usually played with color-smearing, water guns and sharing of love and cheer.

Holi 2019

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This is the time when people of all age groups meet-greet each other in an astoundingly multihued tradition. So are you all set to throw a wonderful Holi party to make this festival cherished forever, here are some tips you must follow.

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  • Look at the date

    This year, in 2019 Holi will especially be celebrated between 20-21 March 2019, Wednesday-Thursday, as per the calendar. So, ideally, you can fix your party date anywhere between the event dates, as per your comfort. Make sure that your guests to are able to spare their time that day. You still have around 10 days to make your plans.

  • Choose a location

    Make sure that you have an open space to organize a colorful party. There would be DJ, Catering, Celebration Spot, so it has to be roomy enough to let your guests play around freely without pushing and elbowing. If you have a home open enough to organize it, that’s fantastic or you can hire a place which can host the celebration.

  • Who are the participants?

    What is the age group of the people you are going to invite, what are their preferences? Make sure that you list out the people in a right manner as the arrangements are surely to be made as per the same. Everyone has to have equal fun without getting bored for even a single minute.

  • Music Selection

    When it comes to music, make sure that most of the songs are on Holi Theme and there are dancing numbers crazy enough to make your guests dance on the beats. Ask your DJ to have enough collection, specifically based on the Holi Festival.

  • What to wear?

    It’s a festival of vigorous, frisking and carefree, grungy dressing. So it’s better that you filter your wardrobe and wear some average good looking, old clothes that you don’t want to retrieve from then. Because after the celebration, your clothes will not be in condition to be worn again, wear an easy-going, floral tunic top and a pair of cool colorful clippers for the party.

  • Holi Catering

    As there is a lot of food and drinks, you have to be sure whether you are able to arrange the food on your own or you require professional Holi catering services to have the perfect Holi food in the party like- Pani Poori (Water Balls), Thandai, Gujiya, Kanji Wada, Sandesh etc…

  • What should be in the beverages?

    In the beverages, you can have some gulps of the customary ‘Bhaang’. You can also add some interesting cocktails, mocktails and juices to quench the thirst of your party guests. Also for those who don’t prefer cocktails, you can have some normal juices and cold drinks.

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At Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, we’ve got everything you need to brighten up your Holi celebrations. Make this year a truly memorable festival, filled with color and joy, and dine on traditional finest Indian cuisine at Gharana.

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Enjoy! Have a rocking, safe and fun-filled Holi celebration but don’t use chemical color at all.

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