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Tips on Outdoor Catering

19 December 2013

Experience is important to plan an event. For most people, event experience is from the point of view of a guest or participant at a wedding, conference or holiday party.

Wedding Showers

Non experienced people will be in the dark about the tons of planning spread over months that takes place with lots of action behind the scenes. In any well-organized event we usually have the pleasure of filled glasses; short bar queues; food served on time, warm and delicious; life is completely bliss!

Every Event is Different

Every event is different and so is every menu. Plated dinners provide caterers better portion-control, though it may require more service staff. A grand buffet is a costly affair compared to plated dinners. Even making the appetizers is the hard work of at least five chefs for a minimum of five hours.

Busting Myths

Certain popular myths on catered food and the actual facts behind them are below:

Tasteless and Boring: This notion will sadden any caterer proud of their reputation and high standards. A carefully planned menu is key to the performance of any high-quality caterer. Knowledge of the kind of facilities at the venue, expected number of guests, theme of the party and other personal tastes help the caterer to optimize the result.

Christmas Brunches

Handling Excess Demand

Reasons such as weather, forgetfulness and illness are a few reasons why expected guests fail to turn up to an event. There are also guests who show up with no RSVP like your boss bringing a few clients at the last minute. A back up plan if the food runs out is essential. A plan for leftovers is also handy; you can donate it to a favorite relief shelter or ask for boxes so that guests can take remaining food home.

Serving Drinks

Caterers usually bring excessive alcohol so that they can charge more. Many caterers only charge for beverages that are actually consumed. Despite an estimate like one drink per guest per hour, it is advised to bring extra because closing down the fun early is never desired.

Adhering to Policies

Check with your caterer about their policies. Only certain businesses are licensed to sell alcohol retail such as stores or brewers. Caterers will have a license only to serve and sell by the glass. So a catering company is liable for whatever happens as a result of alcohol consumed under their supervision.

Managing Catering Bill

Food is certainly an important part of any catering budget besides other components covering other goods and services selected. Labor is a significant expense and listed separately. The amount will depend on the number of guests, plated vs. buffet, the menu selection and length of the event.

The caterer may be providing complete alcoholic beverage service or merely bartending for beverages. In any event, ultimately it is the outdoor catering company that will be singularly responsible for most of the requirements, right from the tabletop to all other rentals including tables, chairs, dance floors and tents.

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