Themed Parties and Choosing the Appropriate Catering
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Themed Parties and Choosing the Appropriate Catering

25 April 2014

There is more impact of a themed party as it turns into an epic rather than yet another ‘nice party’. Unfortunately not all holidays are suitable for theme parties. They need extra care with a few master touches to make it truly unforgettable.

Party Galore
We know there is no end to holidays as they happen throughout the year and party ideas are numerous for different occasion; Easter, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day and many more. Baby showers, Graduation Day, or Retirement are personalized and call for a special celebration and cheer. Theme party ideas help to plan and select appropriate decorations, flowers, party flavors, music, games and gift ideas.

Party Catering

Organizing Party Food
Catering for special events or themed parties requires a different type of expertise. For small groups a simple sit-down dinner will suffice. A larger group will require a lavish buffet. Buffets work well for all group sizes with dishes varying based on the customer’s preferences.

Appetizers are the simplest and easiest to cater for. It can also be customized to make it extravagant.Popular appetizers are fruit servings such as

•    Melon
•    Watermelon
•    Pineapple
•    Oranges
•    Grapes
•    Apples

Biscuits, crackers and cheese slices are also good appetizers. Dinner rolls filled with egg salad, chicken salad or cheese will satisfy simple down to earth guests.

Main course
The main course is crucial for any type of party. For themed parties with a sit down meal you can serve the following courses:
•    Appetizer
•    Soup
•    Salad
•    Main course
•    Dessert

The main course should be a choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian items including seafood. Desserts can be a variety of cakes, pies, and fruits.

Party Catering Dubai

International Menu: A simple buffet dinner has 3 or 4 courses; grand buffets can go up to 10 courses. There are many different international cuisines which can be offered; Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Mediterranean and many more.  A salad bar with a variety of fresh vegetables is important in any buffet.

Top Themed Parties
Having gathered an idea of organizing themed parties and the ways to infuse that theme in the catering style also, let us look at examples of annual occasions to make a themed party:

Christmas party: A Christmas party can be themed by travelling back to the many bygone eras of the 1950s or 1970 and do an era themed party. All you have to do is to make the proper decor and select the food and drinks of that era. Guests may be persuaded to wear a suitable dress matching that party.

Valentine Ideas: Valentine’s Day party ideas are rapidly changing. Love generates a whole host of romantic dinner ideas and the scope for printing favorite Valentine’s Day Love Poems in Valentine cards for kids and adults is an opportunity.

In all themed parties make sure that you handover the catering responsibility to the most professional outdoor catering service who not only understands the novelty of the theme but also innovates it in a delightful manner.

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