Top ideas to Organize A Super Sweet 16 birthday Party
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Top ideas to Organize A Super Sweet 16 birthday Party

24 July 2015

“At 16, plenty of electrifying things come to you. Its okay — even cool — to be thrilled about life! Enjoy every second of this year!”

Generally, turning 16 is not a milestone, especially when boys turn 16; it means nothing but just a joy of getting one year closer of being free out of teenage getting closer to 20. But when it comes to girls, it actually means what’s called as celebrating “Sweet Sixteen”.

We have already seen many actors, singers, dancers and other celebrities, celebrating their 16th birthday with immense joy and aficionado which became nothing but a headline of all media channels.

Dancers for sweet 16 birthday party

What they did that made them so popular? Well, part from being popular personalities, they also executed some high-fly sweet 16 party ideas and themes which ultimately made them party heroes. So, do you also want to add that flavor in your sweet 16 party?

Let’s just explore some ideas that can make a sweet sixteen party more unique than a typical usual party and a step-by-step process to make full preparation…

Before jumping into the party Ideas, make sure that you peep into the parties thrown by your friends, colleagues or other relatives when they turned 16. This will give you an idea to your fresh brain of how to organize things by adding special effects.

Since your party is special, all the guests must go home with a remembrance of the celebration. The party favors should feature the guest of honor. You can either go with a wrapped candy bar or a personalized CD Sweet Sixteen party theme.

If it’s a sweet 16 party of your sweet daughter, it should be her dream event, therefore a lot of advance planning is needed to execute things in the right manner. So make sure to hire a party planner, if you don’t have much experience in organizing a super sweet sixteen party. Call professional catering company to serve best of party cuisines.

If you are too conscious about the entertainment to make all young guests to hit the floor, have a checklist that would keep you on task but make sure you don’t miss out any detail.

Sweet Sixteen Party Preparations- Stage 1

Your planning must start at least before 45 days party falls. Make a list of all the guests. And then define a proper party budget to control your unseen expenses. And don’t forget to choose a party theme that’s actually a pulse of your lifetime event. Also, don’t forget to choose the location- be it a home, party hall, venue or restaurant, decide it in any advance.

Celebration sweet sixteen birthday party

As discussed above, hire professional local caterers to prepare the menu and dining table for the late night party. And last but not the least; don’t forget to book entertainment and DJ along with a Videographer or Photographer to capture the lively moments.

DJ for sweet sixteen birthday party

Sweet Sixteen Party Preparations- Stage 2

Once you are done with the first stage of preparations then get switched to next stage where you need to order decorations and other party supplies such as- water, beverages, mocktail etc. Once finalized then buy Myllards Balloons, and Theme or Customized Balloons, Votives, and Votive Candles.

Balloons decoration for sweet sixteen birthday party

Or you can also choose and order confetti. Moreover, to make it more thrilling, get personalized sign in book or sign in board. And most importantly, buy a birthday cake for your sweet sixteen. Along with that, arrange party rentals such as- table, chairs and linen. Also, for further decorations, meet with florists, choose centerpieces and pick out some special party favors and customized candy bars.

Table decoration for sweet sixteen birthday party

Sweet Sixteen Party Preparations- Stage 3

At the 3rd stage of your sweet sixteen party preparations, buy birthday candles, call non RSVP guests, choose the party music. And also, buy non-perishable food and beverages. Buy theme based games and create a timeline for the day of party and choose on wisely about the games and activities.

Music party for sweet 16 birthday party

Sweet Sixteen Party Preparations- Stage 4

You are now one step before the party begins so make sure that you confirm the entertainment and rentals for the party and put together the party favors. If you are throwing party at home then throughout clean the party area. Check for the batteries in your camera and prepare any food that keeps you well. And lastly, keep candles and matches for the cake.

Cake for sweet 16 birthday party

Finally, the party day has fallen. What to do now?

Let’s just move the place and pick up the cake, ice, helium balloons. Move to the party areas which is beautifully decorated and set up for the party games. For the guests or attendees, prepare perishable food and gather serving pieces. Give a warm welcome to the guests and let them enjoy the party…

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