Tips for Perfect Summer Party Catering
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Tips for Perfect Summer Party Catering

30 May 2016

The scorching summer season has set its feet again. It’s the time to embrace the sun by throwing a refreshing summer party. But just because you’re hosting the get-together doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. If you’re stressed about food, hand over your worries to a catering company and they will handle everything. Along with food, there are other things that you need to do to make your summer bash a perfect and healthy one. Let’s check them out!

Summer Soiree Is All About Food!

Whether the mercury is touching the sky or the sun is bit soothing, your summer party is incomplete without luscious and healthy food. Take advantage of refreshing flavors by selecting in-season fruits like cherries, watermelon, peaches, and grapes as this will keep the party menu summery and light.

While chilling appetizers and grilled meat items are always a big hit amid foodies. Also add eatables for people who are vegans. Other healthy options you can add in the menu are fresh colorful fruits and salad with a mix of fresh veggies like tomatoes and cabbage. How can you forget those cute toddlers and teens? Refreshing ice-cream cones, hot dogs, jellies, and other similar items can easily satiate their hunger.

Let’s talk about the servings for guests. A big meal is not a good option. Serve small-size meals to people all through the party. Make sure your party venue has adequate seating arrangement where people can have food conveniently. If this seems like a pressure on your mind, then hire professional catering company and enjoy your party.

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Food Safety Comes First


Food poisoning is a common issue during summer season and can give birth to health issues like diarrhea and vomiting. By remembering a few tips you can keep the party food safe and fresh. To begin with, if you buy frozen food for your guests, keep them quickly in insulated containers. Do not mix cooked food items with chicken, seafood and raw meat.

Spine-Chilling Beverages Are Must

Summer Party


Keep your guests satiated with a bevy of energizing drinks. You can whip up a big pot of iced or homemade lemon tea.  Along with, a pitcher of fresh fruit juices can quench thirst. For more options, dress up the pitcher with slices of orange, fresh berries and cucumber. If you are willing to keep things a bit sluggish, set up a small bar where your invitees can blend their favorite beverages. Don’t forget to add non-alcoholic drinks to keep guests hydrated and happy.

Get Organized In Advance

Take help from an event planner if budget is not a matter of concern for you. The professional people will take care of each and everything. From planning to dress code, menu to cleaning up, all will be handled by them.

Choose a Theme

Sticking with a summer party theme is a good way to make sure your bash packs a punch. Don’t bother about matching every single piece of drinkware, flatware and servingware—but do keep the entire theme unified by picking an overarching design. Also use contemporary and sleek elements for a magnetizing tabletop, or go for a collection of shabby-chic items for a rustic look.

Send Invitations

Online invitations may be convenient, easy and quick, but there’s nothing like an outdated paper invitation. Electronic invitations are a great way to build expectation and help set the whole tone of your get-together. Select ready-made invitations from a physical store or online shop. Take your creative juices out and create some charming paper invitations for invitees.

Set Up a Playlist of Thumping Songs

Summer party is savorless without music. Keep the attendees head-bobbing, dancing and singing with good music that can satiate all the people. Make a playlist ahead of time to shun any silences, or hire a professional DJ for extra fun.


Light Up the Party

When you think of summer ‘soiree’, you may not think of glittering lights, but the way your venue is lit can easily make or break the entire mood of your party. Make sure the lights in the party venue/hall reflect the whole ambience of the get-together.

Whether you’re thinking to host an elegant summer bash or just a casual backyard, remember these useful tips and wow your guests with a perfect and lip-smacking summer party!

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