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Successful Cocktail Parties

5 November 2014

Cocktail parties are significantly popular and have a long history. They have been a hit from the first decades of the 1900’s.

A cocktail party usually lasts for about 2 to 3 hours during which time guests snack on a simple spread of food and sip cocktails while chatting with each other.

Fun Party

Cocktail gatherings continue to be the best form of entertaining friends or business associates in open houses, receptions in business as well as personal get togethers.

Make it Effective

Depending on the scale of the event, a cocktail party can be a simple affair or complex. Ultimately it depends on the following criteria:

  • Budget
  • Number of guests
  • Profile of the guests—friends/dignitaries
  • Formal or informal event
  • A full bar or limited cocktail
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Type of food served
  • Theme of the party


Be different; turn off overhead lights, light up silver candlesticks and have a few vases of roses to create a retro glam ambiance.

Socialising Space

Provide enough space for guests to mingle and socialize. Push aside couches and free up space to interact. Give guests a spot to break off and engage in private conversation. Create small sitting areas with cocktail chairs and tables.

Manage the Meal

A full course meal is not necessary for a cocktail party. Cocktail party catering is manageable with simple foods. It can include hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods so that guests can graze throughout the event whenever they feel the urge.

Fun Party

Food: A prominent catering expert suggests Salmon Tarts and Mocha Shortbread as the perfect nibble. Cheese, crackers and cut fruit are always faultless at cocktails. Good quality, tasty bites can be managed by hiring an outside caterer.

Fun Party

Drinks: Drinks are an important part of any cocktail party and there are many options to choose from.

Fun Party

Full Bar: Guests can choose their favourite beverage. If the bar is well-stocked, mixing up a variety of drinks with the help of a good bartending guide will be a fantastic choice.

Beverage Menu: This is an economical alternative, make a list of drinks and line them up on the bar counter for guests to peruse and pick from. This will avoid extreme requests for over the top selections.

Bar Tending

This is best left to the professionals to allow the host and hostess to feel at ease and mingle with their guests. Preofessional caterers usually have a fully trained service team to take care of the food and beverage serving. It is a nice gesture to have  a tip jar for the bartender so guests can contribute and show appreciation for their service and skills .

Advance Planning

Make sure to have essential bar tools. Send invitations early, 2-3 weeks is normally sufficient unless it is a busy time of year like the festive season.


It can be anything; a drink, dish, activity, display or whatever suits your party theme. Make provision of a few non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails for non-drinkers.

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