Simple yet Impressive Garden Party Ideas
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Simple yet Impressive Garden Party Ideas

17 November 2014

Winter is fast approaching; the days are cooler and shorter. Now is the perfect time to throw a fabulous garden party! Whether you wish to host a no frills function or a lavish affair, a gathering with your loved ones in the cooler outdoors is a fitting way to greet winter and bid adieu to the scorching heat of summer.

Garden Party

You don’t have to shell out a fortune or devote hours to the preparation of a party. Follow these tips to set up a spectacular garden get-together:


Your invitation will set the right tone for your garden fun; bright hues are usually associated with happiness and joy. You can purchase colourful readymade cards and include a personal touch by pasting dried flower petals inside them. An innovative recommendation is to create a crafty invite by gluing up colourful papers with all the details and fastening it with a small packet of sweets.


Most of the decorations for this type of party will be the natural surroundings; however there are many bits and pieces you can add to give a festive and jolly touch to your celebration. Place a colourful potted plant or nice floral centrepieces at every table. Go for a mix of wild blooms and appealing red roses in big jars and classic tea cups for a delicate but pretty look. Hang wind chimes for their beautiful sound and charm. Candles will produce a soft evening glow for your guests.

Decorations for Garden Party


Picnic style is wonderful if you’re thinking to host a casual evening affair. Hire professional outdoor caterers to leave a big smile on the faces of guests. Garden parties are bland without sandwiches and yummy strawberries. Serve freshly picked strawberries with sweet clotted cream or use them to make a colourful salad platter. Finger sandwiches are quick to grab and especially loved by children. A plate full of freshly baked and attractively decked cookies is always an eye-catcher, or a rich chocolate mousse served up in a stylish glass beautifully tops off a garden gathering. Warm desserts like chocolate pudding, fruit soufflé and apple crisp are ideal for when the air outside turns brisk.

Chocolate flavors


At garden parties, never ever underestimate the importance of drinks. For a refreshing start, serve soft beverages like sweet tea, freshly squeezed lemonade or mint juleps. Hire a bartender to serve drinks to attendees to wow them. If you’re on a tight budget, create a theme based cocktail party. Ice up some mugs for people who love to relish hard drinks. Make sure you have plenty of imaginative soft beverages for little guests and non-drinkers.

Drinks for Garden Party


A selection of appropriate music is a must to create a jolly and jubilant atmosphere for any gathering… a garden bash is no exception. If you’re throwing a classical party, you might wish to prepare a collection of airy and soft classical collections. If it’s a modern and upscale kind of affair, compile a mix of groovy tunes. If the party theme is a blend of beer and barbecue, rock or jazz will surely compel your guests to dance like nobody is watching. Add a finishing touch with a disco… pump up the volume and let the magic happen!

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