How to Plan a Party on a Budget
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How to Plan a Party on a Budget

23 April 2019

Party on your mind, but worried about the budget? If you think that you cannot afford an expensive party or throw a lavish party, this guide will help you in throwing a party in an economical way. Throwing a big party does not always means that it will eat up all your savings. Money is not the only thing which makes a party successful, it’s your way to greet your guests and feel them welcome.

So how about throwing a wonderful party that everyone will love without spending much money. Let’s have a look at these 5 tips for planning a party in the budget.

1. Simple Invitations

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Don’t go for fancy and expensive cards for inviting your guests to the party. Use emails, social invites on Facebook by creating a page or event. You can opt for messages or calls to all your dear ones. If you want to be more creative than you can design some nice creative having all details of the party and can send at once to everyone. This will save your money and is the fastest way of inviting.

2. Simple Decor

You do not need to invest money on fancy décor. Your guests are coming to spend memorable time with you and not for checking your décor. Just go for reusable items or simple fresh flower arrangements will do wonders. You can use stuff what you have at home, for instance mix and match different plates and bowls, arrange few candles or vases and linen mats. Grouping of several articles and creating a focal point will highlight your party.

3. Catering

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No doubt, good food is the heart of the party. You will not be remembered for good décor, but you will be remembered for excellent food. Decide your food items according to your theme, party time and guest’s preferences. Don’t go for packaged food that will be more expensive rather than cook food yourself; it will be a cheaper option. Take help from your friends too.

4. Pick a Theme for your Party

Picking a theme for your party will save your money as everything from planning to décor, food from drinks will focus on a theme and reduce overspending of the budget. Book Catering Dubai for specialized theme parties, they offer tempting food dishes at your place. So, stop worrying about your theme party and just leave everything on Outdoor Catering Dubai from creating a party atmosphere to proving delicious cuisines.

5. BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)

If you can avoid cocktails at your party, it will be best as serving cocktails eats up your budget. But, if you cannot avoid hard drink, then you can go for BYOB, bring your own drinks. This is the best option when you cannot pay heavy prices for liquor and let everyone drink on a budget. Everyone will bring their own drinks, according to their tastes, mood and budget which will not disturb your wallet.

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