10 Heavenly Delicious Yet Easy To Make Food Ideas For Office Party
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10 Heavenly Delicious Yet Easy To Make Food Ideas For Office Party

28 July 2017

When it comes to office, you need to be more sophisticated, more professional, but when it comes to food to cater the office staff, it needs to be equally delightful.

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Thus, to help you choose the best food items to add in your office party, here we have some simple yet amazingly delicious food items which you can add to your office party. You can either hire professional event catering services in Dubai or can also do it yourself.

10 Irresistible Office party food ideas to help your coworkers feel great…

Let’s start with drinks first

Party treats cannot be completed without delightful drinks. So if you are planning ahead for a refreshing office party, don’t forget these delicious beverages…

Detox Water: In order to help you, your coworkers to offset the effects of heavier indulgences, mix up some fruit or some fresh herbs into the pitcher of water, chill and serve them…

Tea: Tea is an evergreen beverage that most people cannot dislike so bring out some assorted tea-bags to give them the good options of trying out their favorite tea at the office party.

Lavender Lemonade: Mix up the crunchy flavor of lemon with the floral aroma of lavender to create the perfect beverage to wash down all the other party snacks.

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Veggie Delights

Veggies have a highly diverse flavors, sky-high nutrient density and bright colors to add on to the party and they really deserve a place of honor at every party.

Veggie Flowers: Vegetables cannot get much cuter than the flower shaped treasures from beans and fork.

Endive Boats: these crispy, healthier endive boats such as hummus, olives and citrus will come out to be the most stylish and wonderful element of your part that can help you make goat cheese, smoked almonds, cranberries out of these.

Marinated Tomatoes: Get some fresh tomatoes, slice them and sprinkle some salt and pepper, then add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and voila. This will help you create a super healthy, and easy office party snack.

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Cucumber Slices + Hummus: This is the easiest office party snack you can create within minutes and is equally healthy too.

Easy Appetizers

A crowd pleasing office party snacks not always be a matter of trouble, you just need a few easy tricks without getting indulged into hours of cooking procedure.

Tea Sandwiches: tea sandwiches are not just for the old ladies wearing white gloves, you just need to bring in a few of your favorite healthy sandwiches and cut each piece into four adorable pieces.

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Healthy plus heavy seven layer dips: Heavily layered dips produce incredible flavors, whereas they usually don’t require any cooking. They just need to be compiled layers of healthy goodness.

Healthier chips and dips: It’s a yogurt based dip which is full of dense nutrient sweet potato chips, little chef, and big appetite’s office party snacks serve a healthy delight to your coworkers.


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