How to host a successful Lunch Party?
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How to host a successful Lunch Party?

28 February 2017

As compared to dinner parties, lunch parties are less expensive. More often, when it comes to a personal get together, people usually prefer to host a lunch party. It’s more casual, and easy to arrange because it will not complete with your guests’ evening plans. Believe us, it’s a great fun.

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Arranging a lunch party catering is more than just hiring a venue and working with the professional caterers to ensure that the right food is being served to your guests. When the overall process is in the planning phase, it’s very crucial to decide what all you must have at your party, what’s good to eat and what you can do without food.

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Before you plan out a lunch party, you need to ensure about your guests you are going to entertain. Is it for the co-workers? amily members or friends? Make sure that you make a proper list of guests who’re going to attend your party. Besides, set a proper budget for your lunch party. A budget should include a sufficient variety of food and other options to entertain your guests thoroughly.

Ask your lunch party caterers to prepare a menu that features food appropriate for lunch such as fresh salads, sandwiches, vegetables and appetizers. Be sure to have the variety of foods in the menu to accommodate everyone’s diets and food preferences.

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Apart from snack and food, select appropriate beverages. Iced tea, soda or water would be fine choice for your guests. Also, choose whether you have to serve alcohol or not. If you have restricted budget, you may avoid alcohol, which is, of course, very costly. Additionally, if you are going to host a lunch party at work, serving alcohol might not be a good idea. Keep the overall party light and refreshing; avoid dark wines and heavy liquors which are usually more compelling.


When it comes to preparing food, make sure that it’s done the night before the morning of the event. In case if you don’t have time to prepare, you can hire a professional catering service a week before the party and get all the food available at least half-hour before the event start. As you have a variety of foods, arrange a good food table in a buffet-style.

Apart from all the arrangements, do take care of decoration as well. Avoid inviting cheap & kitschy decorations, instead, go for the simple, less colorful décor that could accent your theme. Lunch party is not just a normal get together or serving a delicious food treat, it’s more about building relations with your guests whether they are colleagues, friends or wanna-be associates.


So be kind to anyone and try to give preference to all the guests. The hospitality experience should be warm and must make your guests feel personally touched. If it’s your first experience, don’t panic, it’s quite an easy task, all you need is just little bit of planning and sense of hosting a good party, that’s it.

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