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International Food Party Ideas

24 July 2019

Hosting a party is always fun. It doubles the excitement and fun when it is about the international food party. Inviting your guests to relish international cuisines from different parts of the world and spent amazing time together. Start planning in advance and incorporate everything in the menu from drinks to snacks, main menu to desserts.

Hosting a party in a modern city, Dubai is one of the perfect way to spend some quality time with your friends where you do not have to bother about the preparations. International catering company Dubai takes care of all your party related needs. Browse some ideas for the international food party.

1. Party Decoration

Party Decoration

Start with decorating your space for party. As the part is about international food, decorate your place with items related to that. You can hang flags of different countries. You can display coins or stamps of different countries. You can purchase party items related to countries such as glasses, spoons, plates, tissues, table mats or sheets, etc. Dubai has hot climate, so do not plan your party in the garden or in open space. Plan your party indoors to stay cool.

2. Invitations



After decorating your space, start inviting your guests. You can make creative e cards to invite them. Can send hand written invitations by post as well, giving all details related to the party. To make it more attractive you can opt for postcards of different countries whose cuisines you have selected for the party. If you are planning to have a dress code for the party, do not forget to mention the details in the invitation for the same.

3. Order Online

You do not need to visit markets and buy things when International catering company Dubai is there to assist you with your party requirements. You just need to order everything, their team of professionals bring a restaurant to your home. Party supplies such as tissue papers, use and throw plates, glasses, etc., order everything online in advance so that you do not need to rush up at the last moment.

4. Menu

Selecting menu for your international party is the important task as you need to take best and easily available dish of each country. Include drinks, snacks, main course and desserts of any particular country. Try to cover five or more than five cuisines of a country. To make it more fun loving for your guests, display food items along with names through cards or tags or banners. Put some nice mats on the table accompanied with fresh flowers and candles. This will make your place more welcoming.

5. Fun Activities

Adding some quirky fun activities to the party will bring more closeness among the guests. Everyone gets a chance to interact with each other. Get ready with your playlist before the party starts and play them in the party. This will make the party more lively and social.

Fun Activities


All these party ideas will make sure that your guests go home with everlasting memories and beautiful moments of the party.

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