Simple Ideas for Structuring a Successful Catering Menu
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Simple Ideas for Structuring a Successful Catering Menu

3 November 2014

Planning the food and beverage for a small or big event is no easy task. It requires brainstorming about dishes that will entice the taste buds of guests, required serving equipment, cost of ingredients and many other important aspects. It is essential to bear in mind some guidelines that will help to provide the best possible dining experience for your guests.

Catering menu

Below are highlights of some menu planning tips that are bound to “wow” your guests:

Know the favourites of your guests

When structuring the perfect catering menu for any size or type of event, it is necessary to pay attention towards the preferences of your guests. Older guests usually prefer a milder menu, whereas the younger crowd generally enjoy spicier food. Avoid this hassle by hiring professional caterers;  menu planners have good knowledge and experience to execute this task in the best way possible.

Latest trends

While traditional cuisines are always a big hit with the young and old. Rotate your eyeballs over the latest trends in catering to leave a lasting impression on regular outside diners by offering them something different. It is always a great idea to include some exotic  dishes into the menu to make it spectacular  for your guests.


Budget plays a vital role when planning the right menu. The budget will determine the number of ingredients used, the volume of food and beverages served  and the variety  of dishes you can present.

Assortment  of dishes

Careful selection of different dishes are required. If you are preparing a range of small items, select a few sweet and savory options.Include some heavy, light, cold and hot food components in the plan. If you’re having a complete dinner spread, ensure that you have alternatives of flavour and cooking styles. Do consider allergies and other dietary requirements including low calorie options for fitness freaks.

Small dishes for successful catering


Consider practicality, specifically the time your menu will require to prepare. Probabilities are what you’ve chalked out will be good, but if your entire menu necessitates lots of refrigeration time, specialty ingredients, or one last final touch to complete, you might wish to think about making some substitutions without compromising the final products.

Final products

Anticipate special needs

Ahead of any menu planning, it is imperative for you to find out if any of your guests have a special requirement so that you can prepare accordingly before the event. These considerations include:

  • Dietary restriction
  • Religious requirements
  • Allergies
Food allergies

Last but not least…

A picture paints a thousand words! Whether it’s a buffet or plated service, the food should be visually appealing, aromatic and colorful. Thus, the arrangement of eats and drinks should make your attendees want to have more than their appetite. It simply means decorations and linen that complement with your dining theme.

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