8 Creative Ideas to Spice up Your Husband’s Birthday
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8 Creative Ideas to Spice up Your Husband’s Birthday

7 September 2016

You must be very excited, bewildered or clueless of how to do it, but one thing you are utterly sure about is that it’s surely not going to be a usual event. This should be beyond than just the usual gifting, In fact, more than that.

So if you are planning to arrange a birthday party for your husband, or want to surprise him then do it in a creative manner that shows him his importance to you – even if you are not the regular party going lady, here are a few important tips that you can follow to make your husband’s birthday unforgettable.

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1. Express your heartfelt feeling through

Husband’s Birthday

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I know it sounds to be little outdated, but sometime such things can make a world of differences to the enjoyment. No matter whether you are 30, 50 or 60 years old, your heart should be evergreen.

Write a letter cherishing the older memories, some good things about him and everything he likes or the golden moments that you have shared together. Then seal it up in a beautiful envelope and spray some perfume on it.

2. King for a day

Throughout the year, due to the professional or family burden, you hardly get any time to spend with your husband who also wants to spend some time with you. So, change the tradition for the day and make him get the feeling of a King, at least for that particular day.

Spend the entire day with him, love him pamper him and do everything he likes.

3. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise

A memorable birthday party or celebration is meant to be full of surprises. So try to give him little surprises throughout the day at every random moment. For an instance- send him to market to buy something and arrange a surprise right there.

4. Leave a surprise love note in his pocket

You know what interests your husband most. So make a note mentioning your wishes or your heartfelt emotions in a letter. And leave it in his pocket as a surprise.

5. Go for a candle light dinner

Candle Light Dinner

Let him get rid of the ordinary homemade food and treat him with something that he likes to have whether it is a continental, Chinese, or anything else. Order his favorite wine, beer or any drink.


6. Make it a bash

Dance Party

If you want to go for the hardcore birthday bash then go for the party that could better assemble your husband, his friends and his circle no matter whether it is a theme party, dance party, game night or anything else.

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7. Get a little flirty throughout the day

You know how much you ignore your hubby, yeah, you have a compulsion and have a family and professional burden, but this is a day you must bang on. Whenever you get a chance, just have little flirts with him to show him some love on that special day.

8. Revive those old memories

There would be numbers of golden moments in life that are closer to your husband’s heart. Come up with some selected ones and revive them in a beautiful manner.

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