5 Steps to Plan a memorable Anniversary Party
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5 Steps to Plan a memorable Anniversary Party

29 August 2018

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”
An anniversary is about celebrating a romantic journey, an honor to a committed couple that’s been happily married for over the years (a year is just a number). So if you also want to thank your lovely partner for being with you then anniversary party is the best way.

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Marriage Anniversary

Though arranging an anniversary party, initially, might seem a hazardous task due to the tons of preparation and arrangements it requires but with us, we can make it little easy for you. Here we have some ideas to arrange a memorable anniversary party.

What’s the anniversary date?

An anniversary party is often meant to be celebrated either on the same day or a day after if it’s delayed for any reason. But whatever the date is you have to plan it in advance so that you can pre-plan everything without falling into last minute hassles. Since you have to arrange a Dubai food catering company and other things too, you must have ample of time to do the things according to your plans.

Choose a venue

For a complete anniversary party, it’s very important to arrange a good location. Unless you don’t have a large home, you can’t mess around with the venue. It’s widely decided considering the number of people you are going to invite. You can also rent out a private room at any hotel or restaurant but whatever the place is in your mind make sure it is booked in advance. Couples who celebrate a silver jubilee or diamond jubilee always opt the larger locations. But it completely depends on you.

Anniversary theme

The theme of the anniversary should reflect the couple and their personality traits. Most anniversary parties are color based so it’s important to ensure the decorations are quite unified and elegant. In case if you are planning to have a casual anniversary party, you can consider of having an off the wall themes, a kind f south-west influenced the party. Mostly, themes depend on the numbers of years you are celebrating, for an example; a 50th anniversary is gold so the theme would be gold.

Plan food and drinks

Food and drink

Food and drinks are the core element of any anniversary party so make sure that you better talk to your catering company in Dubai to get the hang of what all types of food they can arrange. Also, the selection of food and drinks is dependent on the guests you are inviting. Make sure you have the list of your guests’ food preferences to arrange everything in a proper way.


DJ Music

Since entertainment is the main part of the overall party, you have to carefully decide the arrangements for music and entertainment to let the partiers enjoy in full swing. You can hire a band, DJ or any particular star in the event. It could be an actor, singer, or comedian to entertain the guests.

Best of Luck!

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