Choosing Between Hot or Cold Catering Menu
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Choosing Between Hot or Cold Catering Menu

30 November 2015

With your fast approaching major event like marriage or anniversary, there seem to be bundle of things unprepared. If you’re the one either -with all those responsibilities on your shoulder, you may outbreak devastatingly at some point. So, to prevent the potential puzzling affairs, it’s better to create a point-to-point checklist to ensure that all the arrangements have been made on time.



Confirm the booking of entertainment; clear up with the decoration segment and other meagre things that you may require in between. However, amid all those preparations, deciding between the hot or cold catering menu or a blend of both always puts you in confusion. So it’s essential to consider the implications that it may have on your catered event.

Hot Catering Menu

Hot catering menu for your big bash event would require a lot of time and space, especially when it comes to maintain the right temps or while setting it up. To keep it hot and succulent for your guests, you’ll likely need food warmers, chafing dishes and certain temperature of light. At this situation, using a buffet to keep the food hot will apparently be a nice idea to consider over the traditional sit down dinner.

Hot Catering Menu

If you intend to serve the food to each guest at their seat, it means that all your meals need to be hot at the same time. And when it comes to serve around 100 guests, it gets very tough. Carving stations too have the same situation where carver is handling the meat but still needs to be warmer for each guest served while moving through the Buffet line.

Cold Catering Menu

Cold catering menu for your event also comes up with different sorts of challenges, especially for the caterers. In cold menu, drinks or beverages could be kept cold in refrigerators and coolers or by putting it on ice. On the other hand, cold food requires a lot of energy and space to keep it cold without sacrificing its taste.

For an instance, if you are serving cold dessert, it can be very challenging for the caterers. There is problem with cold catering to keep it cold. Gelato is always the highlight of meals but to keep them cool for every guest at a time, servers will have to scoop that gelato ‘every time. So there are plentiful consistent efforts, caterers have to make to keep the cold desserts and other items cold to maintain its taste.


Trust your professional catering services

Though there are plentiful challenges that hot or cold catering menu may pose for your catering crew but it doesn’t mean you should not bring in to your event anymore. Make sure that you choose a professional catering service provider or catering company for your event since an experienced team of professional caterers know the exact techniques of preserving food different temperature . Make sure that you better discuss the plans before keeping the hot or cold catering menu for your event. Ask them specifically about their plans of how they will be able to help you with maintaining the right temperature for hot/cold foods.

Professional catering services


Depending on the choice of your guests, you can choose any of the hot/cold, or both the catering menus, it just that how your caterers tackle the situation and make arrangements to maintain the right temperature for chosen catering type. So make sure that you choose the right catering company for your event.

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