Great Options for an Outdoor Wedding Feast
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Great Options for an Outdoor Wedding Feast

21 March 2014

Feeding guests on a big day such as a wedding can be a challenge, its scale depends on the budget of the host,the season of the year and the ambience desired for the occasion. There are many options for a wedding feast to suit every budget.

Sit-down meal: A three-course sit-down dinner is a comfortable option to entertain guests and make them feel special with catering staff serving them. There is much joy in planning menus and making seating arrangements. It also allows guests the opportunity to chat for a few hours over dinner.

Sit Down Meal Arrangement


Buffet meals suit informal parties and have a number of advantages; a variety of dishes can be offered– meat, fish and vegetarian courses catering to all tastes and preferences. Buffets also make it easier to cater for people with food allergies; they will have a wider variety of dishes to choose from. These parties tend to have a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

Bowl food

Bowl food is a hybrid between a buffet and canapés. The waiting staff will move around with trays of small bowls containing dishes like Thai green curry, fish, chips, noodles and risottos. The guests can help themselves to what they prefer. It certainly is a chic option for a city-style wedding.

Afternoon tea

Outdoor catering companies can organize a wedding breakfast with an afternoon tea. Homemade scones, cakes and delicate finger sandwiches always work well. The tables can be dressed up prettily with tablecloths, hanging buntings or pom poms for a celebratory touch. The key to a successful afternoon is plenty of tea, coffee and soft drinks to create the buzz for the wedding toasts and speeches. This works with weddings of any style.

Wedding Tea Party Catering

In all these options what is important is the contribution and support of a professional outdoor catering company as a source of ideas in handling party services.

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