Organizing a smashing 3D Graduation Party
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Organizing a smashing 3D Graduation Party

3 June 2015

“Organizing a graduation party is a lifetime event. So let’s just add a verbose 3D (Dinner, Dessert, Decoration) effect to your party with these cool graduation party ideas.”

For a student, graduating is a huge milestone. College graduations and high school graduations are two of the most popular graduation phases for which the student throws a party for their  co-students, parents, relatives, friends and other loved ones or vice-versa. However, being at this stage, most students lack experience with appropriate graduation party ideas.

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Graduation Party


There are bundles of things to consider for making a graduation party successful, memorable and ideally a stress-free event. If you are looking for some amazing ideas to get your planning off to a good start, simply follow this step-by-step guide for a successful and enjoyable celebration.

1. Theme- A theme based graduation party needs to be perfectly organized. So it’s important to consider graduation themes, keep in mind the interests of the guests and also the average age of them.  Consider your location for the party as it might suit certain themes better than others.

Some Unique Graduation Party Themes To Get Started

Sports Theme- Set a sport theme of the graduation party for your son or daughter who is a sports fanatic- opt for a sport that he or she would play during their college years.

Travel Theme- If the graduate plans to take some time off to travel after their graduation, this would be a great and more relevant theme. Ask the guests to get travel themed gifts to make it more exciting.

Southwestern Theme- It’s a fun and unique theme for a graduation party. To create a south-western theme, decorate the venue with red chili pepper lights, cacti, bandanas and howling coyotes.

Performance Theme- If the graduate is a singer, dancer, actor or performer, host a dance themed graduation party.

2. Graduation Party Food

Since food is the core part of every party, a graduation party requires tasty and attractive food. Planning a graduation party menu may be overwhelming so it’s important to consider professional catering services.

Graduation Party

Dinner Party and Menu- Since no graduation party is complete without dinner, select a menu that the youngsters will enjoy the most.  Set up a bar and other delicious dishes such as pasta, pizza, sushi or lasagne. Have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items to suit all taste buds.

Delicious Desserts- Dessert is an important ending to any meal. Arrange a special cake or cupcakes to serve at the party. Great dessert ideas include s’mores, ice cream or personalized chocolate bars. Fill bowls with snack-sized candy bars for guests to nibble.

3. Graduation Party Decorations:  Decoration is always a key part of arranging any type of party. Choose wisely and pick a popular theme, perhaps using the school colors. Choose theme based streamers, flowers, and balloons and include the graduation year on all decorations. To personalize your event, ask guests to sign a guestbook and have large framed photos. You can also create a photo wall with baby pictures of your graduation that depicts the graduation year.

Book Graduation Party Catering in Dubai

Graduation Party Decorations


Implement these cool ideas to organize a memorable party for your graduate children.

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