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Fun Party Catering Ideas

15 December 2014

Every host wants their party to be different, but very few seek the professional advice of trained caterers for hosting a fun party with the best games and outstanding food.

Fun Party

There are many options to make parties different and enjoyable. Many recipes are available, if you talk to caterers they are sure to come up with innovative ideas. Quirky recipes will advocate funny faced pizzas, snake sandwiches and cartoon biscuits.

Let us discuss some party ideas here that will certainly jazz up the spirits at your social event. In the next bash you host you can use these tips.

When planning any party, logistics are  important for deciding the venue to host it.  Next, plan the guest list and the theme. As guests arrive, have them entertained constantly.


For a cheerful party, encourage visitors to chat and mingle with eachother. Bake cupcakes ahead of time as kids love fun food. Keep little guests entertained from the moment they arrive. The menu can range from turkey munchkin sandwiches and stripy picnic rolls if you are having lunch parties. Simple recipes will be relished by kids, they will stay happy. Ultimately the key is planning the party to have fun throughout the special day.

Hunting for treasure

Kids of all ages love hunting for treasure. They will be excited in knowing where they have to go next and what surprise awaits them at the trail.

During a birthday party, hunting expeditions or treasure hunts help buy time to prepare cake and ice cream. It also allows time to relax while they are searching around for prizes.

Birthday Party Cake

Themed Parties

If it is summer, kids will enjoy water-themed parties. Activities can involve the use of slip ‘n’ slides and sprinklers.

Incorporating a water element is easy; make traditional activities wet ‘n’ wild. You can try out the following.

Water Balloon Toss: The guests can grab a partner and line up in two parallel rows. Toss the water balloon back and forth step back and repeat. Gradually the pairs move farther away and the pair that tosses the balloon from the farthest distance will be the winner.

Water Balloon

Water Gun “hide n seek”: All hide ‘n’ seek rules apply here except the winner being that person who is armed with the water gun. Instead of tagging someone out players spray with the gun.

Cookie Decorating

For dry games, nothing beats decorated cookies. Another way to a fun catering party is providing cookie dough and a variety of toppings. Among them will be sprinkles and colored sugars that will amuse the guests.



Edible Flowers

Using flowers in cooking is the latest fad among chefs wanting to spice up any recipe. Take care, not all flowers are not edible.

The advantage to hire professional caterers is evident  here. They can select the best edible flowers which may be apple blossoms, chrysanthemums, gardenia, gladiolas, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, orchids, primrose or violets. Do sprinkle them on salads or use sweet varieties to make boring desserts tasty and unique.

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