5 Tips to Make Your Family Reunion Party A Success
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5 Tips to Make Your Family Reunion Party A Success

13 August 2015

Reunions are a great way to bring people together and this could go with any group of people- be it your colleagues, neighbors, friends or family members. But here we will talk more about family reunion, to reconnect with those who are closer to our hearts but far in physical proximities.

If you have finally decided to contemplate a get-together to reunite your family, here are some family reunion ideas to make your reunion party a successful event.

Family Reunion Party

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Check out our step-by-step guide to make your family get-together celebration a hit. Let’s reunite together…

Get it organized. Stay Organized

Before you start, make sure you are never out of plan. Sudden preparations can ruin things. So make sure that you have an advance planning to get things done accurately. The better option is to get it organized by selecting the people to head a reunion committee. Make sure you choose the people who have a strong sense of party and follow through. Divide people in different sections. And make sure to handover one activity to one person, overloading people with work can impact the sense of execution.

Reunion party food, menu and table decorations

Since food is the centre of attraction of every event, make sure that the menu of your party never lacks its charms and enables your guest to feel the satisfaction of every taste bud. You can hire professional caterers to arrange everything in advance.

Table decorations for family reunion party

Consider the guests choices or you can also ask their food preferences- whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Once you have a list in your hand, you already know how the menu is going to be. So ask the caterers to arrange the food tables in the same way. Take care of the beverage section as well so that your alcoholic relatives should not feel alone in the party.

Food menu for family reunion party

Set a proper budget

Family reunion party is a one of such events that has no fiscal limit. The more you spend, the lesser it would appear, so make sure that you set a proper budget and stick to the same until the end of the party. From your reunion planning committee, elect a person as a treasury who could handle the financial things to keep the budget detained at the required stage. Be clear with the venue booking, and other things in advance to get your party wrapped up within your budget. Since venue can be unexpectedly expensive, make sure that you look for places such as park, at home or at a family member business.

Budget Family reunion party

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Family reunion party invitations

As discussed above, don’t make immediate decisions and prepare a list of family members in advance so that relatives from distant locations could reach on time. Ask your relatives from across the country by clearing the venue details, dates and timing. The larger your gathering is, the more time it would take in spreading invitations.

Define the activities

When it is about party, it’s more about fun-filled activities, a lot of drinks, dances and dining. Keep everything in order. Make sure that you are very clear about the activities which your family members would be able to enjoy. For the real time fun, Ice breakers would be a wonderful way to relieve the stress allied with spending time with the people you are meeting after a long time. Make sure to customize the party activities according to the range of people in your reunion party. Some of the other activities which you can execute includes- talent show, storytelling, creating oral history through video and photoshoot, sports activities, survivor games and more.

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