Easy Tips to Cater a Sensational Dim Sum Party
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Easy Tips to Cater a Sensational Dim Sum Party

28 March 2018

Being a hardcore non-veg lover, Dim Sum is the loveliest things to do, something you can’t resist, especially on a cold afternoon; it’s also a most wonderful way to entertain a large group of friends, relatives and closed ones.

If you are planning to prepare a dim-sum at home, then you might have to a lot of hurdle since this is one of the most daunting tasks, stressful at the same time, then to make the traditional Thanksgiving feast. However, with some little instructions you can get the hang of how it’s done. Or alternatively, you can hire a professional catering company to prepare a sizzling dim sum party.

Common Dim Sum dishes include-

• The coveted Xiao long bao
• Steamed boiled, pan friend open-topped shumai
• Boo buns, steamed radish or turnip cakes
• Dried shrimp and many items wrapped in the rice paper rolls or tofu skins

Source: https://goo.gl/RGozt2

Traditionally, dim sum is served on the carts that are rolled from one table to another table. During the party, you can arrange all the items on platters in a central location, like a dining table or kitchen island. Traditionally Dim sums were accompanied by the tea since the Chinese known dim sum as “yum cha” which literally means taking time, the custom was initiated in the tea houses where locals massed once or twice a day for the team in conversation.

Initially, eating anything with tea was considered a bad thing since the Chinese would believe that it may lead to obesity. But with the gradual persuasion, the Chinese realized that tea leads to digestion and cleanses the palate, then letter the small amount of snacks became the part of the ritual and now they usually eat something lighter in the form of snacks with the tea.

There is a broad range of foods that you can add in your dim sum party depending on the taste of your guests. Just make a proper list of all the foods that tend to be served. Also provide cocktail napkins on the table.

Source: https://goo.gl/jKYjty

Since most of the foods you are going to serve is finger food, place some toothpicks, cocktail forks and other required utensils in the containers to make the serving look clean and easy. Make sure to use the pretty, small condiment bowls to offer duck, soy, sweet and sour, hot mustard along with the dipping sauce, depending on the taste.

Your choices here are broad as your imagination. Do some research about the recipes that you have to add to your feast. Come up with your own. In order to have a perfect dim sum party, you can start doing some pre-research about the dishes also prepare a complete guest list to get the hang of the type of guests you are going to cater. Include drinks and dishes accordingly. This will help you have a blasting party which will blow your guest’s mind totally. There are bountiful tips spread over the web, you make your own research to have a better decision.

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