Coffee Themed Party Ideas
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Coffee Themed Party Ideas

20 January 2020

Who does not love to have amazing coffee after a busy day? Love for Coffee is everywhere; you will find coffee in each restaurant, café, road side shops of Dubai. There is something so attractive, relaxing and soothing about coffee.

Hosting a coffee themed party in Dubai is a great idea. It suits all occasions whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, friend’s reunion, welcome party or just for having fun. Let’s explore some tips for hosting coffee themed parties-

1. Party Decoration

Party Decoration

Do not take party decoration in a lighter manner as decorations say it all. One can show theme of the party through decoration and party favors. To get the coffee party feel, decorate your place with brown and cream colored balloons. Use coffee themed table cloth and sheets. Use coffee themed banners and props too. Cover the gifts with coffee themed gift papers.

2. Party Invitation

Get creative with your party invitations. Select cards in brown shades with coffee texture. Get the offee mug shaped envelopes for cards, tie them with curled ribbon or coffee stickers. You can keep a dress code too depicting coffee and can mention same in the invitations.

3. Party Menu

Party Menu

No doubt, the menu will have different types of coffee, cakes, pastries, cookies, desserts, donuts, brownies, smoothies and cup cakes. Make sure that all food items are in coffee flavor, to go best with your coffee. Keep varieiesy of coffee brews, add ons and flavorings to give awesome experience to your guests. Do not forget to include food items for kids, coffee lovers and non coffee lovers too.

4. Party Table Display

Serve in style by using dishes, mugs, and glasses in coffee theme. Highlight your coffee party by decorating with coffee beans. Get creative and prepare some miniatures with coffee beans to display. Play with your party table and display everything related to coffee such as coffee maker, coffee sachets, coffee mugs, mason jars etc. Make a coffee bar where you can give options to your guests to make coffee for themselves according to their choice.

5. Party Favors

How about giving coffee gifts to your coffee lover guests as party favors. It’s a nice idea to give some unique gifts such as coffee jars, coffee mugs, coffee badges, coffee scented candles, coffee survivor kits, coffee flavored chocolates and cookies. Gifting memories of the party in the form of hard copy of photographs pasted in a coffee themed cover is another superb idea to make your coffee party rock.

6. Party Catering Services

Catering Services company

Lastly, if you feel that you have too busy schedule and cannot manage all things for hosting a coffee party on your own. Then you may hire catering services in Dubai, they have a team of expert and skilled people who will take care of all your party requirements and arrange a party accordingly. Catering Dubai is a bliss when you want to host a party tension free and enjoy every bit of it.

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