Tips to Make Your Classroom Party a Big Hit
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Tips to Make Your Classroom Party a Big Hit

28 January 2016

Undoubtedly, classroom parties are a pivotal part of school memories. These parties offer a wonderful opportunity to teachers and parents to create memorable, child-friendly and fun events for school children. To help you organize the unforgettable classroom party ever, and not to sink deeply in the pool of stress, here are some really helpful tips for you. Take a look.

Share your ideas with teachers

The first step to organize a fun-laden classroom party is to talk with concerned teachers. If They have  idea about classroom parties they’ll possibly suggest different types of activities for kids. If the teachers want to make changes in your layout, they might think deeply over your recommendations. Make sure you’re aware of teachers’ expectations too.

Share Ideas


List out each and everything clearly

Here, you need to make a list of things like snacks, supplies, number of helpers, decorative items, and so forth. The thorough list makes it easier for parents and teachers to arrange the items.

Send email

Before you ask the parents for their warm support, ensure your email list is up-to-date. Almost all the teachers and parents should have collected this list earlier. Don’t worry if you don’t have the emailing list. Send paper notice to all parents and tell them to respond to your email.

Delegate the tasks

Alone you can’t serve food, prep the games and facilitate the decoration. You need friendly assistance and hopefully there are many enthusiastic helpers. But you need to be precise. Ensure you allocate tasks wisely. Otherwise, you’ll pile up a lot of tension on your head. So, delegate, delegate and delegate for a successful classroom party.

Plan activities for children

Kids simply love activities. All children love to play the classic game of musical chair. Apart from this game like Telephon also  spread smiles on the faces of kids. Moreover, Carnival games will demonstrate your guests a genuine circus atmosphere. Charades is a not-to-miss for kids who love to copy their favorite characters.

Plan activities for children

Last but not the least, games like Paper airplane, Origami Butterflies, Face Painting, LEGO Fun and School Bingo are also the best games to entertain a large group of children during the party time. With these games, you can turn your classroom into a carnival or a game show.

Select food items that kids love

If you decide to serve simple and sweet treats, choose items that you can serve with minimal fuss and mess. Class party catering should have items like ice cream cups, cupcakes, brownies and cookies. If you want to stay away from super-sugary food items, consider fruit juice popsicles, veggie sticks, muffins, and fruit cups with small boxes of juices.

Food items for Kids

To make things more interesting for kids, use candy or icing to form simple puzzles, numbers or even letters on cookies or cupcakes. Or just turn it into an interesting activity by allowing kids to do the decoration part. Let’s play with fruit cups now! You can make them more appealing by topping them with crunchy nuts or crushed candies, if desired.

Don’t miss the decoration part

Divide the task of decoration between students as they love to do this. Distribute the decorative supplies and see what your kids create. If the party is based on a holiday theme, you can tell volunteers to make colorful flowery garlands and then hang them in different parts of the classroom. Distribute big-size balloons, colorful ribbons and glittery paper shapes amid children and see their creative side.

Classroom Decoration


Capture the wonderful moments

Assign this task to one person to click pictures of every beautiful moment. Upload the pictures of the party to a photo-sharing site so every parent can make their personal photo book or download the photos.



Have a fun filled classroom party to remember for a lifetime

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