5 Creative Ideas To Host A Perfect Chocolate Theme Party
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5 Creative Ideas To Host A Perfect Chocolate Theme Party

24 April 2018

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy chocolates, and that’s kinda same thing isn’t it?”

The mesmerizing sweetness & indulgence of chocolates is undoubtedly unique, that no one can resist. Of course, everyone loves the sweetness of love so why not bestow it with a dazzling surprise in the form of a well-arranged chocolate theme party? How’s the idea? Good no???

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Ok then, now when you have already decided to throw a wonderful chocolate party for your loved ones, here we are to help you a little bit in this sequence with some creatively unique ideas to host a wonderful chocolate party.

You can either hire professional catering services or can do it yourself; all you need is just a little bit of efforts & follow rest of all mentioned in this post.

1. Make Your Chocolate Choices

There’s plethora of collection variety available in the market, in other words, there is a separate world of chocolates so choose something according to your taste buds, something that your guests would love too. Some standard options include-

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• Dark Chocolates
• Milk Chocolates
• Semi-Sweet Chocolates
• Melted Chocolates
• Chocolate ice cream
• Faux-tinis (chocolate martinis) to count a few…

2. Chocolate Invitations

A right invitation describes the beauty of your party that would also help your guests foresee how captivating it’s going to be. Invite your guests at least before half an hour before the party starts to tackle with the latecomers. This is all your invitation cards must incorporate.

• Exact party date
• Time (30 minutes before the party starts)
• Location (share locations over the phone)
• Dress code (if applicable)
• Are gifts expected?
• Other special requirements

3. Decorations

There are plenty beautiful ways to decorate the overall theme but that has to be creatively finished. Choose a color scheme first, most often the brown color as the main component. Additional colors may variant as red or pink. Apply the color scheme for the items like tableware, balloons, party streamers, paper goods etc…

4. Activities

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There are hundreds of chocolate party activities you can add to your party like making the cute heart chocolates, bring chocolate cupcakes, cake pops or cookies then bake and decorate them to look even more eye-rotating. Or you can also make lollipops from the melted chocolates. Build beautiful pretzels covered with the chocolates. There’s also a delightful option to make chocolate pizzas, baked into the cute heart shapes with the delicious toppings of chocolate sauce, frosting, strawberries or glittering red candy pieces.

5. Chocolate Menu

So what’s on the menu? Your focus should holistically be on the chocolates rather than other sugary pieces of stuff. From the health’s point of view, consider serving healthy stuff. Some wonderful ideas include-

• Set up a well-decorated ice cream bar with a variety of chocolate ice-creams with chocolate toppings
• Serve milk/chocolate shakes
• Make chocolate trail mix such as chocolate yogurt raisins, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate cereals etc…
• Baked chocolate chip cookie cake

So now when you have a full bucket of creative ideas, you can throw a wonderful chocolate theme party for the special events

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