Ideas for Delightful Catering Decor
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Ideas for Delightful Catering Decor

7 July 2014

Good catering includes the ability to not only provide good food but also pep up the ambience of the catering venue. The occasion can be anything  from a wedding to general parties, AGM, corporate lunch or a birthday.

Why Catering Décor?

Catering is considered as a pleasant experience and the decor is a great ay to elevate it. The visuals is an integral part of a function; decor can make a big difference to enhance the ambiance if done with careful thought.

The décor should match the setting and the following criteria should be considered:

  • Theme
  • Venue
  • What decorations will be most appropriate?
  • Are there visual elements?
  • Will ice sculptures or stage props work?
  • Is the design detracting or overpowering?
  • How much draping is required?

Type of Event

The character of the event and location plays a big part in arriving at the right choice of décor. If the venue is in an artistic location like an art house, photographic gallery or historical building then specific decor will provide the perfect ambience. If the site is huge and bare then the magic is to create  an exhilarating  experience from scratch:


Classy venues like hotel ballrooms are chosen to hold a function where the question of redecorating a venue does not matter too much. Without going completely overboard, it is possible to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to set the tone of the event by putting the participants in the correct mood with the help of design and surroundings.

place setting for outside catering

Table Decor

The table is a central element in any catering event. There are specialized services and professionals available who work to transform the table by adding colour and style to an evening and its ambience.

table decorating for outdoor party


Flowers contribute color to the dining tables, but it is essential that they complement the season. If the party is in spring , use spring flowers such as snowdrops and tulips. If it is a summer party, roses or sunflowers will be best. Fall parties can have brightly colored leaves along with flowers such as chrysanthemums. Place large vases of white flowers on the table, such as calla lilies if it is a winter wedding. Flowers can also be used to complement the food.

table flowers for outdoor parties


Fabric also lends a hand in conveying the right mood for an  event. If the food served is a buffet, use tablecloth that rightly reflects the theme of the party. Don’t forget to place a delicate lace place mat underneath each table setting.


For a personal touch, place designer menus in front of each table setting providing a short description of the dishes with the main ingredients. This is a thoughtful  gesture and also good for guests with allergies or special dietry requirements.

personalized menu for outdoor catering

Source of Ideas

The perfect approach to have  the best décor for catering will be to hire leading experienced  professional outside caterers who have previously executed excellent decorations for various events.

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