How to Host a Thrilling Beer Tasting Party?
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How to Host a Thrilling Beer Tasting Party?

4 October 2017

You must have attended a lot of beer party, but I can bet you, there would be just a few parties which you would have actually liked?

If you didn’t learned what mistake did those actually made and what exactly made it incomplete, then here is another chance to look into it. Let’s get some great tips to host a homebrew and customized beer tasting party.

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You won’t just be educated by this, but also would also be able to craft beer. Since hosting a party is also a wonderful way to start new traditional with your best chums, instead bringing a bottle of wine to get together, it’s better to bring a pack of craft beers to host a perfect beer tasting party.

Also, when you are shopping for them, get it from local microbreweries. To make it perfect you can even consider catering companies in Dubai or can do it yourself (ideas given below).

First thing first, be choosy while selecting guests

You know your friends better, there might be a few who would not be that much interested in cocktail and beer parties. Beer tasting parties need to be celebrated among those who do have good taste and understanding of beers.

So when you invite your guests, make sure that they’re more inclined to beer with some great beer taste buds. Bring a large bottle of beer (growler or bomber) or a commercial bottle.

Beer selection

Think about your audience first, as discussed above, then determine how strong you can go with your specified beer selection. Mostly, selection depends on how adventurous your guests are. Pick gamut of stronger and milder beer.

Also, choose a theme for your tasting party which makes your beer selection even simpler. If you are beginner, consider pumpkin flavored beers ranging in alcohol content.

Setup a perfect Beer tasting area

Where is the party gonna take place is the most important thing you should consider. So near your bottles put 3 ounce sample for pouring samples for each beer into.

Make sure to use wider glass to feel the better aroma of the beer as your nose is the important part of the beer tasting procedure. Also bring on some normal beer glasses for other guests in case if they need more beer.

Pour the beer

Don’t fill the sample glasses. In each sample glass, pur about a third of a cup only. This to ensure that aroma can fill the glass and prevent the over-lenience of any beer by guests during the tasting stage.

Encourage snacking in between the beer tasting process

Snacking is also an important part of a beer tasting party. This will assist you to clear the palate between beer tastings. It helps to lower down the alcohol levels in the bloodstream and will prevent hangovers. Share light suitable snacks like cheese, fruit, raw vegetables, cracker, pates & dips.

Distribute prizes

Last but not the least, since the beer tasting party is a fun, give out some prizes to the winners who indeed have great taste buds gifts such as bottle openers, beer glasses, gift cards etc.

If you do not want to take any headaches about the arrangement of this beer party, then you can hire a business caterer.

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Have fun!

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