Top Beach Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Ceremony
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Top Beach Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Ceremony

5 August 2014

To set the scene…an exquisite oceanic sundown, a pristine shoreline, fresh wind, you and your partner tying the knot in the lap of Mother Nature’s most bewitching background – the beach.

Imagine saying your vows with your special person on a sun-soaked sparkling seashore’s white-sand as a cool breeze tousles your hair. Romantic, secluded and intimate…

Wedding ideas

If you are planning a seaside gathering that involves shells, sand and ubiquitous natural beauty in the settings then get inspired by these incredible beach wedding ideas for a memorable celebration: Let’s jump in!!

Beach umbrellas

Gleaming sunrays are an inescapable aspect of a seaside wedding. However, with the help of parasols you can keep those warm sunrays out of the faces of your sojourners’. Beach umbrellas are also an excellent prop to snap eye-catching images with your bridal party.

Beach Wedding umbrella

Ribbon scepters for little ones

Add glamour and fun to your wedding ceremony by asking your little ones to take colorful ribbon wands down the aisle rather than a bunch of ordinary blooms. Ribbons are fancy and small girls can have fun with them even after the soirée.

A signature cocktail

You can set the tone for your big day by offering signature cocktails to your guests. Professional caterers can conjure up a unique beverage specially for you . The  exclusive cocktail will leave a lasting impression  and set the mood for guests to  indulge in a fun spin on your wedding

Enjoy with Wedding cocktail

A lip smacking cake

Colorful ribbons, stenciling, piping, frills, flavors, decorations, frosting, florals—the list goes on and on… Oh-so-pretty, the wedding cake is as important as your floral arrangements and wedding attire. A sumptuous cake decked with a plethora of vivid colors and adornments has the power to tie the wedding theme in a single thread. A cake topped with fresh red berries and brown sugar to give it a slight dusky look is enough to tempt the taste buds of guests.

Wedding Cake

Something blue for the bride

Any wedding is incomplete without something blue! Guests can wrap their blessings in the form of blue jewelry pieces. The handmade blue jewelry will make a superb memento for the bride even after the wedding ceremony.

Shoe check

A beach wedding is all about playing mischievously with the sun and sand. While wearing coats and shoes, your guests can’t sink into the fun. Make sure they feel comfy in the sand and fling off those high heels right from the beginning of the bash with a shoe check!

Wedding shoes

Bonfire on the seaside

A Not-to-Miss aspect, you can say! Take those wooden chairs out, collect firewood under the sky full of twinkling stars and enjoy a bonfire while watching the beauty of the melting sun with your guests. Unforgettable! Kick off your heels and enjoy a little sand between your toes.

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