8 Groovy Ideas for a Memorable Bachelorette Party
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8 Groovy Ideas for a Memorable Bachelorette Party

17 December 2015

Being getting married gives a wonderful feeling and it’s just splendiferous to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. However, when it comes to marriage, as a bachelor, you’re more nervous than ever.

Though you know, you’ve got the finest piece in the world and someone who’s really close to your heart, who you love and who you will be happy with for the rest of your life, still that feeling of unexplainable edginess makes you go crazy every time.

So, if you too or your friend is going through the same phase and just a few weeks are left for the new incarnation of your life gets unfolded, here are a few groovy ideas to organize a memorable bachelorette party and get rid of the fret of marriage.

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Bachelorette Party Ideas for a homebody

For those typical shy nature folks who bother going out, arrange the stuffs, they already like doing. If bar thing is not your type, it would be better to consider something that is low-key and more relaxing. For an instance- a fun night at home- if you are a true homebody by heart, call up your friends and loved ones. Arrange bar-like drinks at home or simply invite friends for the pizza and video games.


Party for a food lover

Being a foodie never ever means that you should break the bank to arrange that fancy meal. If you have good friends, they will definitely love to be invited over the budget-conscious party dinner too. Find out if there is any food festival near you and pig that out. Or alternatively, you can also find a food-truck tasting, rib fest and other sorts of ongoing culinary event occurring in your city. You can occasionally find plenty of beer at such events. Or you can also hire a bachelorette party catering services to do the things perfectly.

Food lovers

For the wine lovers

If wine is what makes you crazy then why roam around those extremely expensive bars to try out your unique cocktails. Instead, plan out a winery tour with your like-minded friends. Just book a cab, mark your destination and head for the late night dinner at the vineyard. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the making-process of your favorite wines.

For wine lovers

Party idea for a thrill-seeking bride/groom

If your friend or you love thrill, what else could be a better deal than gathering up with friends and zip-lining, parasailing or maybe even bungee jumping. Bachelorette party is a unique opportunity to try out something new. If you want to avoid any kind of risk that may occur during such events, try a trapeze class instead.

Move out with your wanna-be life partner

There are plentiful things you can enjoy together but enjoying with a group will be more amazing. Just make a list of few things you wanted to do before marriage and go out to make that fantasy come true. It could be anything from trying out that unique wine to having a party at your favorite island or anything else.

Bring Gourmet

It’s beyond than just ordinary food, where on the above tip we gave you the cheapest alternative to the massive bars and restaurants bring the professional party caterers in the home and arrange everything according to your style.

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Revive the memories

Just book a limo and leave the world behind. No, no, we’re not asking you to quit your marriage. Just take your partner with you and revive all those old memories you preserve in your heart like the place where you met first time, your school, college and those secret places where you would occasionally meet up.

Gossip, Gossip and Gossip

When it comes to women, nothing gives them pleasure then the daylong gossips. So just be free and allow yourself a day all dedicated to those hot, sizzling, memorable, irritating and WTF gossips. Talk everything that’s in your heart, whether good or bad, you’re free to discuss almost everything. Just choose the buddies who are good listeners. It will surely freshen up your mind.

Let’s just execute these ideas and experience the drastic changes in your mood.

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