Easy to make Ideas for Baby Shower Catering
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Easy to make Ideas for Baby Shower Catering

12 January 2016

Baby showers  are a celebration of pregnancy. They are about showering the mother-to-be with gifts, advice and love. The occasion is a social gathering amongst females,  the caterer has a big role to play in ensuring its success with the right decorations, service and cutlery.

Choosing The Right Caterer

Getting the best caterer to deliver the goods is most important. First of all, plan the budget with the caterer and finalize the type of food;  buffet, sit down dinner or cocktail reception. Focus on creative  food with due emphasis on its presentation in an attractive manner.

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Best Caterer

Make sure that the caterer will be using the perfect crockery and dinnerware matching the theme and décor of the event.

Baby Themes

You can base the menu on baby themes. Some suggestions are:

  • Fruit babies consisting of melon ball heads and strawberry bodies
  • Cheesy meatballs for a rattle
  • Rubber duck-shaped pineapple slices as a toy
  • Bottle-shaped finger sandwiches
  • Baby-shaped cookies

Baby Shower Cookies


Baby shower catering is all about fun decorations. Once the caterer is filled in on  the theme of the baby shower they can prepare floral arrangements and other props  matching that theme.

Step up the ambience with a large, baby-bag cake of marzipan bottles, rattles, and blankets as the impressive sweet baby shower dessert. Serve drinks  in baby bottles with straws;  iced coffee with sweet almond milk, baby pink lemonade and passion fruit daiquiris.

Cake for Baby Shower

Floral Decor

The occasion can be made dramatic with symbolic floral arrangements. Ask the caterer to create a blooming flower-shaped cake in pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby.


Finger food is best for baby showers as they can be moved around the room with the guest. Gourmet finger foods will be a real treat. The snack selections can range from crab cakes, lamb and rice stuffed grape leaves, mini spinach quiches, croissant-wrapped asparagus spears and garlic-fried artichoke hearts.

Finger Food for Baby Shower

Light snacks can be cheese puffs, feta stuffed mushrooms and shrimp-stuffed celery. For pass around finger food, avoid anything that will require cutlery.

Drinks: Red wine, champagne, lemon water, mint iced tea, white wine and Italian sodas are perfect for baby showers.

Drink for Baby Shower

Desserts: Serve small plates of strawberry shortcake laced with fresh cream, vanilla-cherry tartlets and lemon bars.  The occasion does not always require  a special cake as guests will  already be enjoying the large array of sweet delicacies.

Book Baby Shower Catering Services

The key to a successful baby shower hinges on the ability of the host to hire the best caterers. The above tips will help to arrange a great baby shower; a professional outdoor caterer will  do justice to the occasion with décor and a customized menu.

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