How to host an Arabian Nights Dinner Party
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How to host an Arabian Nights Dinner Party

26 September 2019

Arabian nights themed parties are simply more than just the Arabic attire and Arabian food. It is important to go a little deeper as this theme encompasses a vast region, moreover an entire continent.

You need to go back to the time when these stories were being told from Morocco in the west to almost present day Indian in the east.

Below are some of the options listed from a variety of options available.

1. Ambience and overall Decoration

Party Decoration

Ornate decorations are just the starting point, as the guest arrive to the location, it should give them a feel of being in a majestic Arabian palace. The architecture needs to ooze out the Arabic feel of the 9th Century. One should also consider having Aladdin lamps. The place should be a little dark and the light incense smoke can make your guests go “WOW”.

2. Activities

You need to consider acting out some of the stories or may be there can be a story telling sessions. One can also incorporate games such as wishes granted by the genie of which small gifts can be handed out to the winners. Games and activities will make the kids in the party engaged and this will give the people more time to enjoy and can have a relaxing time to converse freely.

3. Cutlery and Dinnerware

Instead of serving the food in the modern dishes, it can be served in earthen pots which are decorated with elaborate colours especially made to complement the theme and make the guests relive the times and the era. Apart from this, you can also embrace the concept of Arabic buffet catering wherein the waiters and butlers are all dressed up to match the theme. You can also go an extra step by serving one of the main dishes in the Aladdin lamp shaped utensil to boggle your guests.

4. Arabic Food


This is one of the most important aspect of the theme as the food needs to be inline with the theme. You may incorporate popular Arabic foods such as “Hummus”, “Batata Harra”, “Mansaf”, “Falafel” etc. This does not mean that you cannot have your favourite foods and beverages. You can mix and match according to your taste.

You can setup grilling stations for meat. You may replace the usual grills chicken with grilled lamb or mutton and server it either with rice or kababs. Do not forgot to top up every meat dish with raisins, cashew, almonds and other dry fruits.

5. Desserts


Towards the end of the dinner comes a very important course, which is the desserts. It is an absolute must to include all the Arabian desserts such as “Baklava”, “Kanefa”, “Basbousa” etc. The desserts can be served with tea or coffee. This will also allow your guests some more time to converse and enjoy the party even more.

To conclude, the above are just some of the points, there can be loads of things which can be done. It all depends on being creative and imaginatively crazy.

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