A few Creative Ideas to Plan a Perfect Ramadan get together
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A few Creative Ideas to Plan a Perfect Ramadan get together

30 May 2018

For the whole Muslim community across the globe, Ramadan is the divine month of fasting, communal spirit and self-will. Since the pious month is in full swing, it’s time to plan a perfect Iftar get together. It offers a great opportunity for the community to come together and strengthen the love and relationship with each other.

So if you are indeed seeking to have great ideas to arrange a perfect Ramadan get together, here are some ideas to help you do that in an easy manner without getting into so much of a trouble. Iftar and Suhoor catering somewhat require a bit of cooking ability to serve a jaw-dropping food for those keeping fast so you can either call upon a professional catering service or with some research, can also do it yourself.


When it comes to decoration, you need to give your home a special glow. And when it comes to stylish luminaries and lights, they merge two momentous signs, including the carnation and the eight-pointed star where both can commonly be seen in Islamic art and architecture.

The eight-pointed star also relates to a verse in the Holy Quran which literally affirms that eight angles will espouse the throne of Allah on the final day of the verdict. It’s an emblem of hope.

Iftar Food ideas-table setting

The end of the Ramadan is celebrated by the immense fête of Eid al-Fitr while the month, long-stretched fasting is followed by a grand feast among the family and friends which calls for a commemorative table-setting.

There is a wide range of Iftar event food ideas one can include the food with various non-veg dishes, snacks, different types of loaves of bread, ouzi and much more.

Some easy food ideas include

An Iftar gathering is quite more about delicious roasted non-veg party so having a roasted meat treat would work. Go for the Taco Iftar. Provide beef, fixings, and tacos to each guest then before 15 minutes the Iftar treat starts, have each guest to come up with their own meal, put it in assembly-line style.

Now to have the main course, let’s also go for some dessert, after all, it’s a summer. Have a post-Taraweeh ice cream. That’s a great way for the guests to cool off and get together.

If you think ice cream after Taraweeh is too much then it’s a good idea to host a sleepover where the Sundae is the Suhoor of the day.

To add a little fun to the party, depending on the level of interest among the guests you can also play the hunger games theme event. You must have seen some memes of how Ramadan is the beginning of the real hunger games.

Apart from this, there is a couple of more ideas like you can have more games in the get together to keep your guests engaged, a good range of fruits, sweets, and other various food items. For more details, you can also get in touch with the professional Iftar catering service providers.

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